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Riders should be able to suggest changes to specific services based on their own experience. This could include items like poorly located bus stops, potential scheduling changes, and moving the time of an arrival/departure by a few minutes to allow a connection.


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    Community Member

    I agree that it would be great to be able to provide this type of feedback. Who better than the customers to provide real user feedback? There would need to be a way that it can be monitored easily and made so that it couldn't be misused which would be what I think might happen.

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    Andrew Nash

    This was the idea behind my project. City residents could play a serious game to learn about public transport operations, find out more on a wiki and website, then suggest specific ideas for public transport operators using a crowdsourcing program on Facebook.

    Unfortunately I couldn't find any public transport agency interested in the idea! Many seemed scared that people would use the system to complain about their service ... well, duh! How about taking these ideas as "suggestions", consider how to address them, and responding about what you did? That's what successful private sector companies do.

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    Great idea!!-

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      Great idea!!

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