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Transit agencies should communicate with customers re: service disruptions by push notifications. NYT has a frequency that connotes just the right amount of urgency. Minor disruptions need not be pushed. Riders could subscribe their home or work stations and the agency could push significant service change info. Examples might include stations that are out of service for scheduled maintenance or temporary, unplanned disruption. Riders with disabilities could subscribe to updates specifically on elevator/escalator status.


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    Kathy Dunn

    We have a service like this in Seattle/King County (subscribe to email notification for alerts on routes you use) and it works very well. I just hate to hear about the frequent elevator outages on our light rail line, that must be a serious hardship for elevator dependent riders.

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    Steve Yaffe

    I'd like to see agreement on a standard for reporting delay. We send alerts when a bus is running 10 minutes behind. Our on-time standard is 0-5 minutes.

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