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Riders may respond positively to being able to track the progress of a transit agency with respect to service metrics. WMATA posts these monthly, including the average availability of elevators and escalators, and the on-time performance of trains and buses.


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    Marc Ebuña

    I agree with this, though it is also important to offer those service metrics in meaningful forms that answer user-facing questions like:

    -How often are trains late during rush hour?

    -What is the average likelihood that I will be affected by a delay based on a weighted average of delays and delay times?

    It is also important to adjust measurements of 'lateness' for frequent, rapid transit services as a measure of how long passengers must wait between vehicles as compared to the route's advertised wait time. My local agency in Boston, the MBTA, offers such service metrics reports, but offer lots of detail from the perspective of someone operating the system and is not really in a form that encourages people to seek or understand the information.

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    Andrew Nash

    Great idea. It would also be good to post 'user friendly' reports on statistics on YouTube etc. The Zurich public transport agency has a fantastic program of public involvement videos explaining things like why they had a bad (!) year maintaing punctuality and saying what they were doing about it. In plain German and with real people. (Sorry it's only in German.)

  3. Comment
    Andrew Nash

    Sorry, I mentioned the Zurich program because I think statistics alone are not enough, they have to be explained in an easy to understand way to be useful on a public website.

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