Issue a Case Number for Complaints

When someone complains, they should be able to keep track of their complaint (online would be fantastic). For that purpose, the agency should assign a case number to each complaint and furnish that to the complaining party. MARTA does this and calls the number a HEAT number.


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  1. Comment
    Linda Kurij

    They should be allowed to have the OPTION to follow their complaint through the system.

  2. Comment
    Andrew Nash

    It's important to distinguish between formal complaints and other social media discussion.

    I think that anything that is a formal complaint requires very special handling and, perhaps, it's not appropriate to do on social media in public. It's not fair to the accused party, especially if it's a driver or other staff member.

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    Steve Yaffe

    We also have a system like that, though ours is indexed by name as well as route. We can also extract customer comments by date range, issue type, bus # and operator #.

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