Identify good drivers

Riders should have an easy way to identify bus operators who are particularly helpful and demonstrate good customer service behavior.


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    Andrew Nash

    In principle I think this is a nice idea, but my question is what would this information be used for?

    I ask because if it's for some type of reward system I wonder if it wouldn't set-up an opportunity to game the system. Labor relations are an extremely tricky subject for transit agencies. It's different from rewarding private sector employees for a good job. I don't think this is a very good aspect of public transport, but it might be reality (perhaps this differs between transit agencies?).

    Also could you say a bus driver was bad? Then what?

    Another problem might be, what's a good bus driver? If the driver falls behind schedule because of waiting for someone to make a transfer is that good or bad? I'd say it depends on the situation ... on a frequent service line, probably bad ... on a line that runs every half hour probably good.

    Anyway, I'd ask what would you use the information for and then work hard to figure out a way to get useful information ... don't set up a space for long comments etc.

    In short, this needs to be handled very carefully.

    In short, for me, it's not a high priority item.

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