Bus wraps

Bus wraps are the ads that completely, or partially cover the outside of the bus and windows and make it impossible to see inside the bus, and hard to see out of the bus. They make riding the bus an even more miserable experience than it already can be. I think that even the tinted windows should be eliminated - being able to see both into and out of the bus is important not only aesthetically, and for orientation, but adds to safety.


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  1. Comment
    Steve Yaffe

    Tinted windows keep bus interiors cool in the summer. I agree about the wraps though - detracts from the transit system identity, often applied too quickly (air bubbles), and the paint is damaged when wrap is removed.

  2. Comment
    susannasmith99 ( Idea Submitter )

    As it's only hot in Seattle two to four weeks out of the year, the detraction of having tinted windows the rest of the year - i.e. dimming of the view, esp. in rainy, cloudy Seattle - is not worth it. That's not my main beef, though - the bus wraps are what really obscure one's sight. In the dark, you can't even tell where you are on the route!

  3. Comment
    Kathy Dunn

    Bus wraps bring much needed revenue to transit systems. The solution to obscuring windows is to use modifed bus wraps which were implemented by Metro King County in the Seattle area in response to similar complaints about bus wraps covering windows.

  4. Comment
    susannasmith99 ( Idea Submitter )

    I remember when Metro decided to use the modified bus wraps because of the complaints. Unfortunately, the full bus wraps are showing up again on the Metro buses. I have seen several at Ryerson and Atlantic Bases, and wonder how many more have them.

  5. Comment
    Andrew Nash

    I hate bus wraps obscuring the views too, but I'm not sure what this has to do with social media.

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