Bring Back OneBusAway Phone Number

Recently the OneBusAway phone number in the Puget Sound Region was disabled. Bring this useful tool back so that people with mobile phones that are not web enabled can once again get real time arrival information while they are en route. I heard that only about 2,000 people were using this service. I believe that is because it was not publicized well by the Puget Sound Region transit agencies. I still have the list of my popular stop numbers that I would use to call ahead and find out wait times so that I could plan an alternate route to get to my destination faster.


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    Linda Kurij

    I totally agree. I have a cell phone that I call a "dumb phone" as opposed to a smartphone. I used One Bus Away very often, and had a list of my most frequent bus stops listed. All of a sudden one day, the service was discontinued without any advance warning. How inconvenient! I miss buses a good deal of the time, and it would save me lots of time - if I knew I'd just missed a bus and had 1/2 hour to wait until the next one I could go back home (around the corner) or go to a restaurant across the street, instead of waiting 10 minutes. A real time saver has been lost.

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    Andrew Nash

    This goes along with the need for transit agencies not to forget about all their customers without smart phones. Agencies must have information programs for everyone.

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